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...pleasure to work with everyone at TVA and, most importantly, how effective our production has been for us in getting prospective retailers interested in Cannery Row. The advertorial concept your company created is a quick, educational and non-pressure sales tool. It has been effective in educating retailers outside of our area as well as re-educating local retailers about what has been going on in the Cannery Row area. Having the video has greatly accelerated our selling process and is enabling us to get our construction financing in record time...that's the bottom line. Jann Moreland, Leasing & Marketing Mgr.




"Excellent! "Outstanding! "Yours was a jacket job!" For several years in a row, Cessna has assigned TVA along with a number of agencies to produce high-end projects including the multi-award winning "Citation X Experience" DVD. Cessna needed a state-of-the-art business tool to market the fastest business jet in the world to potential buyers. The result makes full use of cutting-edge DVD technology with over 50 motion menus, interactive 360 degree virtual tours of both the inside and outside of the Citation X, a simulated flight deck, 5.1 surround sound and a direct link to the Cessna website. "It's the next best thing to flying the plane itself." Tom Zwemke, Director of Communications.

To date, the DVD has won The Aegis, Telly, Omni, Aime, Axiem, and Videographer awards. Based on its immediate success, two new multimedia presentations were soon to follow for the CJ1 & CJ2 Business Jets.




CHARME - The Science of Skin Renewal

...the 11/10/02 airing generated 60 phone calls to our distributor on the date of WE-TV airing and over 30,000 web hits for both websites combined. Shigeru Ikuta, Sr. VP Mikuni Corp.




The 4-5 minute program and PSAs TVA created with Michelle Kwan helped them exceed revenues by several million dollars. It aired nationally and in Canada on television, and in nearly 2,000 movie theaters and on-board Delta Airlines everywhere they fly for an entire month. In a "Spotlight on Success" segment with actor John Schneider, BWN went behind the scenes to show how CHILDREN'S MIRACLE NETWORK achieved the single most successful fund raising event in televised history, raising an unprecedented $229,000,000 to help 17 million kids. Roger Cook, VP Communications




I was extremely pleased... Fantastic! I know the guys over at Maxim felt the same way. Thanks again! Valerie Bent, Sr. VP




"Wonderful and professional." Dustin Oliver, Account Supervisor, R&R Partners





I want to share with you how extraordinary your team is! I have to say, this last project was crazy with all the changes, cancellations, trying to get information from multiple contacts, etc... Your team took ownership of my project and made it happen. I look forward to working on larger projects in the future. Robert S. Grossman, CEO





I have viewed your transmissions many times on cruise ships and have found them to be of the highest quality and extremely professional. Paul Outen, President





Always a huge hit at the Consumer Electronics Show five years in a row. Christopher Korody, Director.





Lenny Lieberman and I certainly enjoyed seeing your facilities this week. You've created quite a name for yourself and I can see why. I particularly appreciate your philosophy of leveraging out producers, directors and various other talented people to deliver the goods at a time when you need them most. You have really put together quite a package. A combined synergy of our various organizations could be potentially profitable for all of us. Greg Renker, co-founder



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