Celebrities and Opinion Leaders


Celebs, opinion leaders and analysts we’ve worked with.


Executive Producer, Jeffery Goddard
in studio with James Earl Jones

with Mariette Hartley


with Cliff Robertson on location


with Steven Spielberg


Olympic skater Michelle Kwan
on TVA location with Allyson Goddard

With Tom Skerritt, on location for WSPA


with Tom Cruise


with Bill Cosby


with Pat Boone


with LeAnn Rimes




Media Personalities


Partial list of Media Personalities who have done SMTs and MDRTs


  Walter Cronkite

  Joan Lunden

  Jim Lehrer

  Chris Matthews

  Anna Quindlen

  Howard Stern

  Molly Ivins

  Katherine Graham

  Leonard Maltin

  Bill O'Reilly

  David Brinkley

  Ed Koch

  Karen Essex

  Tom Brokaw

  Andy Rooney

  Peggy Noonan

  Bill Moyers

  Phil McGraw

  Starr Jones

  Mike McAlary

  William Safire

  Charles Osgood

  Hugh Downs

  Dr. Laura

  Ted Koppel