Level III ( National & International )





Production of a full 1/2 hour "TV Special" Exclusive, providing SIX TIMES greater insight and detail about your story, history and achievements, products and services, future objectives, mission statement, partners and clients, etc.

("The more they see, the more you sell").

Complete Scripting (including research) and all necessary rewrites.

Up to FOUR days of Shooting - three full days on location at your designated sites and one shoot day on state-of-the-art sound stage with multi-million dollar news set in Hollywood, California.

BWN Studio

Fully accredited on-camera news reporters and Emmy-winning news anchors.

Voice-over narration.

Unlimited stock footage from in-house library (14 years of archived production footage).

Final edit of TV Special to your approval for broadcast on major cable, satellite, airlines, cruise lines and internet portals with B-Roll and separated audio tracks for VNR distribution to other newsrooms.

Complete production of a Corporate Video* version

*LEVEL III will allow TVA to spend more time in all three phases of pre-production, production and post-production. Spotlight, video, CD, and internet streaming program will have a more sophisticated look and sound with higher resolution graphics and titles, etc., as well as a better mixed audio track, music score (if appropriate) and sound F/X.


James Earl Jones with exec producer, Jeffery Goddard



Your exclusive 30:00 TV Special will air nationwide and overseas via major International Cable and Satellite Networks to over 65 million Broadcast and Cable Subscriber Households. You will be provided with broadcast affidavits (showing station, city, date and time, cumulative audience, and demographics) to document our placement and viewership guarantees.

13,981 In-flight video airings on-board a major international airline for one month.





You are free to run TV Spots (including your client's and strategic partner's) and CTA's throughout the entire half hour broadcast.

On-air website promotion:

- showing actual website pages as B-roll
- via news anchor's recommendation to visit the site
- during credits at end of broadcast

Rights to issue advance press releases announcing your TV Special with broadcast dates.

Rights to unlimited video streaming and webcasting of Spotlight on the internet.

1000 DVD, VHS and/or CD-Rom replications with customized packaging and labeling.

(You may choose the optional "TV-BY -MAIL" program which includes duplication, printing, packaging and mailing a customized, self-contained mailer video and letter to your target audience for $2.95 per unit (less with higher volume), including postage.)


Custom-edited continuous LOOP VERSION of Spotlight for use at Tradeshows, In-Store or In-Lobby Exhibition, Symposia, Press Conferences, etc.

Rights to purchase additional quantities of DVD, VHS and/or CD-Rom copies at the nation's lowest rates*

*You are free to use any duplication vendor if TVA can not match their written quote.

Complete Spotlight transcripts, company logo, capsule description, and links to your site strategically placed on our heavily-trafficked sites.

Prime placement in all ancillary distribution and syndication arrangements including in-flight programming; cruise ship cable networks, schools ("Cable in the Classroom"), libraries; international syndication; satellite; broadband video streaming, NATPE, NAB tradeshows, etc.


Guaranteed not-to-exceed Total for a Level III
Production, Placement & Promotion Package



*Industry Standard Rates: $379,727





MediaBlitz PACKAGE